Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ISTE Opening Keynote (06.24.12)

It was exciting to see Sir Ken Robinson speak on Monday.  He is truly one of my favorite speakers.  The highlights from this opening session included a discussion on how we can engage students in learning and what the role of technology is in the current education landscape.  The problem is that we have a system that is based on linearity and making people the same through standardized testing.  On the other hand, humanity is based on diversity.

Marc Prensky pointed out that we need to combine what our brains do better with what machines do better.  The best quality of teachers is having empathy and understanding students.  We need to help students find their passion because that is what will lead to achievement.  We need to teach them whatever they are passionate about.  Educators need to be "daring and courageous."  There is a need for personalized curriculum to meet our students' needs.

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