Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Many Faces of the Flipped Classroom - Panel Discussion

There are many ways to flip a classroom.  It is a way to flip Blooms and put lower level activities at home with students and higher level activities when students are with you.

Procedural tasks can be recorded and not needing to repeat it - it is better on video.

The videos made are a resource to help and not the only thing that students should be able to use.  They should be able to use any resource they want.

Flipped classrooms individualizes learning and let's kids go at their own pace, maximizes classroom time.

Clinton Dale Schools have all faculty flipping their classroom.

In a traditional flipped classroom, students are given the content up front and watch it for homework.  The benefits are that students know exactly how long their homework will take them.  Students take control of their learning, closes the achievement gap.

Many different ways to "flip" a classroom.  It is more common in math and science classrooms but can be used across a wide variety of subject and grade levels.

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