Thursday, October 11, 2012

Collaboration Dream Team: Edmodo & Google Apps

I am a HUGE fan of Edmodo and Google Docs as essential tools for collaboration.  Edmodo has allowed my students to collaborate, share, and create a dynamic learning community.  Google Docs offers students a way to contribute and create collaboratively with one another on shared documents, sites, spreadsheets, and presentations.  With the integration of these 2 tools, there are endless possibilities on how students can share ideas and work together.

In Edmodo, it is easy to link your Google Docs account.  Below are screen shots from the new version of Edmodo.  This feature works for both students and teachers.  By doing this, your library now becomes a doorway into your Google account.  It also allows the teacher to easily share or view any documents.  You can view your documents by the folders you created on Google Docs.

The ability to attach from you library allows students to turn in their Google Docs as a part of a post or assignments and teachers can comment on the document for feedback.  

Make sure to check the box at the bottom that says 'Allow user that have connected their Google account to edit' if you want to be able to add comments or edits to the shared document.

When training teachers on how to use Edmodo, many iPad users have been frustrated with the inability to 'attach' a document.  Now with the link from Edmodo to Google Docs, students and teacher can share more easily.  My recommendation would be to use the Google Drive App to create and edit documents.  These documents will instantly show up in your Edmodo library.  You can also use the Chrome App to create and edit your docs.

If you ever need to disconnect your Google Account from Edmodo, please see here for help.

I hope that you will take advantage of these powerful and essential collaboration tools and share your successes with others to inspire more students to create and share together.

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